Top kosher hotels in cyprus to check out


One of the main attraction which you are most likely going to notice once you get to Cyprus are the kosher hotels which are present there. Perhaps, you want to spend a small vacation in Cyprus and you are eager to know what type of hotels which you can reside in. The good news is that there are a lot of kosher hotels in Cyprus. Worried that you would not be able to find some of them?  If so, you are in the right place. Here are some of the top kosher hotels in Cyprus which cod a good option for you;

המלונות שבטופ

Blue lagoon hotel

if you are hoping to find a kosher hotel in Cyprus, then you would probably have to start with the blue lagoon hotel. This hotel is located in Paphos and comes with a spa! How incredible is that?  It also comes with super accommodation standards. You are also going to be treated to a view which would take your breath away. Therefore, if you are on the lookout for kosher hotels in Cyprus, your very first stop should be the blue lagoon hotel in Cyprus.

Mikes kanarium hotel

the next hotel which you should really consider is the mikes kanarium kosher hotel located in Larnaka. You word be treated to a state of the art facilities and setups which would keep you satisfied at all times. Also, the hotels come with a lot of amenities which you would be sure to find very exciting and thrilling. Due to the fact that it is practically located in the middle of the city, it is also quite easy to find an adequate transport system for moving around the city.

Rimon Cyprus

another great hotel which you should consider staying in whenever you visit Cyprus is the Rimon Cyprus hotel. This is a hotel which had the three-star rating. You can expect to find adequate hotel accommodations and a wonderful view. As this is a kosher hotel in Cyprus, you can expect that most of the people who would be in this hotel would be quite religious. Therefore, you can expect most things to go quite smoothly. You can also expect the social amenities which are necessary would available to the highest quality. Prepare to have the fun of your lives in Rimon Cyprus.


If you are a Jew or simply very religious, you would no doubt on the lookout for hotels who match with your taste. If you are living in Cyprus or you are in the country for a visit,  you would find that kosher hotels are simply the best option for you. You would no doubt enjoy the peace and tranquillity that comes with staying in a kosher hotel in Cyprus. Therefore, next time you happen to find yourself in Cyprus, try staying in any of the kosher hotels in Cyprus. You can be sure that you would enjoy every single minute you spend in Cyprus

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